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Dutch-trained pastry chef Paul DeBondt and Italian artist Cecilia Iacohelli teamed up to create elegant, exquisite chocolates using only the finest and freshest ingredients, which are chosen carefully. They make a variety of superb pralines and chocolates that truly melt in the mouth. The chocolate gems are presented in striking modern-style boxes with clean, uncluttered lines, reflecting the style of the chocolates.

Paul de Bondt and Cecilia Iacobelli are an interesting young couple. He, a brilliant chocolate maker, and she, a designer, got together a few years ago and opened a shop to showcase the talents of each. ‘Our idea was to make chocolates of very high quality,’ explained Cecilia, ‘and to display them in an unusual way.’ They have amply succeeded in both. As far as the aesthetics go, the chocolates are presented in a spare, clean-lined environment softened by Cecilia’s lovely still-life arrangements; they are sold in attractive geometric boxes.
Opened in December 1993 by Dutch pastry chef Paul de Bondt and Cecilia Iacobelli who trained at the Academia delle Belle arti in Carrara, Italy, de Bondt is a newcomer to the world of fine chocolate.
This article was published on Café Sweets in August 2007, an important international pastry magazine.

The full article is available in image .pdf format here or at the bottom of the page.

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