Our company's main office is located in Visignano, near Navacchio, just a few kilometers out of Pisa, in the direction of Florence, at the lowest end of famous Tuscany's "Chocolate Valley". Our operational and essential workshop has its own retail store. Spaces been conceived for making everyday work easy and to welcome guide tours, whose guests may find out how our products come to life, with tasting lessons both for new beginners and experienced people, and training courses for a more advanced learning of chocolate production.
Our main shop is located in the heart of Pisa, in the middle of old town centre; despite its location, it can be easily reached by car. Shop's decor is delibaretely basic, homely and informal; our chocolate production is joint by a fine selection of specialities (like tea, coffee, honey, including wines and liquors) that may be considered as its best companions. This way we hope to offer to our clients new ideas for tasting.
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